Monday, April 23, 2012

Changes and Plans

This post may be a bit long but for those of you who read it all, I give all the thanks to you for taking time to do so. I would like some input in any way. Thoughts, opinions, if there is something you'd like to know more about (like characters, story,...)etc...even just telling me how your doll plans have changed recently if they have.

Basically, I wanted to make this post to update on doll plans. I've been rethinking my doll plans and characters the past couple of weeks. Now not so much rethinking characters I already have but ones that aren't yet in doll form. They aren't major changes or anything, just a few tweaks. I've also decided to change up my wishlist a bit.

The reason for this is, I've decided to focus on some of my "side" characters more. They are part of the same story as my current dolls, but I hadn't really thought much about the characters other than names and relationships with current doll characters. Well, I've had a change of heart recently and some specific characters of mine are starting to come forward in my story. Of course, I still want to focus on Issei and Hime, but I also want to focus more on some of the others.


For those of you who have been following me for a while, you probably know I rarely play with this guy or talk about him much. His character development has been pretty stagnant in the process. I'd like to put a bit more focus on him in my story. This means a couple of things. First, I need to get him a body, haha. He is my second doll ever, and he is still body-less. With a body though, I'll be able to at least take more photos of him/get further inspired by him. Second, there is another character I need to put into doll form because he will be an important part of Saiya's life. The plus side to this, is that this character is important to Issei's part of the story as well so, in a way, it would be killing two birds with one stone. Honestly, I was going to shell this character into doll form sooner than later, but I think now I will try to get him even sooner than I was expecting.

Casey (not in doll form yet)
None of you will probably know my character Casey because I don't think I have ever talked about him on any of my blogs before. The reason for this is I was on the fence about his character for a long time whether I wanted him to be a main character or just a minor character or not part of the story at all. But I've really grown fond of him after spending so much time thinking and re-thinking his character. I would like to focus some of the story on him as well. Again, for this to happen, I would like to get his doll form. Of course, he is associated with yet another character of mine (Mori Kenichi) that I would also like to shell sooner than later to fit in with Casey's part of the story. Luckily, Casey and Saiya are better acquaintances than Saiya is with Hime so at least they interact a lot more, but of course Hime still plays a part in their side of the story as well. They all know each other at least.

He has always been in the forefront but I really need to get on it, haha. I'm still determined to get his SD form, and I am more determined than ever this year. With the re-shell though, there may be some changes to his character. Nothing major, he will still be the same grumpy, lolita-wearing brat. But up until now, I've portrayed him as quite childish, and I would like to get away from that image.

So basically, these are my plans in a nutshell. Focus more on Saiya, buy him a body and shell an important character to his and Issei's part of the story, introduce Casey and put him into doll form along with Yamada, and of course, re-shell Kouhei into his SD form.

This has changed my future plans quite a bit since a couple of these dolls were not mentioned on my previous wishlist. I was having a hard time finding dolls that fit some of these character but I finally found the perfect ones so with a little searching and saving I should be able to get them all. Of course, not all this year. I don't think I make that kind of money, lol. I also have a lot of plans to travel this year so I have to save money for that as well.

Maybe later I will post some bios up for Casey (he might be different than what you imagine from his name, haha), Mori, and Junji who is the character I was talking about in Saiya's section of this post (I've mentioned him a few times before (not on this blog but the other places that I talk about dolls) so you may recognize the name).

I think that's it for now! I might have some other updates to post up later (other thoughts or plans for my dolls/characters). ^_^


  1. In this hobby one can always expect some sort of change! It's almost unavoidable XD!

    Finding dolls for certain characters is sometimes stressful. (Well at least it is for me~) I actually gave up on one of my story lines because I couldn't find the "right" (Jay, my character is so/too specific looking in my head..) doll to embody my character. I was forcing dolls to be him left and right. I just don't want to do that anymore mainly because, reselling bjds is a pain in the ass so.. *gave up* XD; *does this even make sense? lol*

    Oh gosh, I always thought Saiya had a body! No wonder! Can't wait to see all the new resin~~ Especially Kouhei *w*!!

  2. Yeah, haha, I mean I've made changes before but this is the first time I've switched my plans over completely (okay, maybe it's not but it's been a long while since the last time). xDD

    LOL, Saiya and Makoto both don't have bodies. And technically Hime doesn't either. I just have one floating body that I don't want to get rid of until I can get the others the bodies I want for them. xD