Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doll Convention Talk + Issei

Picture time!

I did say I had some new photos to share. You may have seen a few on Flickr, but here is the full set. ^_^

I absolutely love this jumpsuit on him. I bought it last year at a doll convention in Tokyo, and it was the best doll purchase ever, haha (well, when it comes to doll clothing). The quality is amazing and the woman who made it was super nice. I love going to doll conventions in Japan because there are so many amazing seamstresses all under one roof. Sadly, I haven't been able to go to any this year (too busy + lack of money), but there is one coming up in September that I will try my best to attend. If I don't go to that one, there are a couple in December. But I'm going to try and go to the one in September as I do need some things for Chami!

Anyway, here of the photos~

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  1. Doll conventions sound awesome, wish I could attend one someday... ÓwÒ
    Issei's jumsuit looks really cool too!