Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long time, no blog!

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time!
I'm so sorry, and I see I have a few more followers. Thank you all for following my blog! I will try my best to get back on my game, and post more often. ^^

I have some great news! I'm getting a new doll head soon. I paid for him a few days ago, and I was told that he would be sent out in about a week. He won't have a face-up so I'll still need to get him one. This means I will probably not post photos of him until he is finished. But I might post some teaser pictures when he comes in. Although I won't say what mold he is yet. xD

I'm really excited about this new boy. His name will be Shiga Atsushi. He's a bit of strange character. He is probably my most "out there" character which is why I'm so excited about him. I'll post more about his character when he arrives, if you guys are interested~

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