Sunday, February 26, 2012

Surprise Box Opening


I never mentioned this to anyone but I bought a new doll. Actually I bought the doll a couple of days ago, and it's already here. That is one great thing about living in the country that the shop I bought it from is located in. xD

First, I want to give some info about what led to this purchase. For a long while, I've been wanting a YoSD sized doll but for whatever reason never went through with getting one even though I have a pretty long list of ones that I want. Yes, I want a number of Volks YoSDs actually. :P

Well, a couple of days ago I found this little guy at a second hand shop here (their online shop). And I will be honest, I pressed the order button almost immediately when I saw the price and condition. He was a bit over the regular price like most of Volks limited dolls, but surprisingly not by much. His condition looked untouched, actually my Ryoya is yellow-er than this guy so he's almost mint condition. He came with his original box and papers, as well as his default wig and eyes (still glued in his head, that's going to be a pain to deal with, haha). The only things he didn't come with were his outfit and shoes which I didn't want anyway.

It was destiny! xD

Anyway, onto the box opening photos:

Click the "read more" link below to see the box opening!

 Box Opening Photos!

As you can see, he is a Volks YoSD Kuuta (2nd ver.). His name is Ueda Natsuki. He is such a cute little guy. But he has absolutely nothing. I need to get him a wig, eyes (the default aren't what I was looking for), and he definitely needs clothes. He will be naked for a bit. x_x