Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doll Wishlist

I thought I would make a wishlist of all the dolls I want. Now, if I actually ever get around to buying them all is another thing, lol. xD

I have expensive tastes in everything, unfortunately, not just this hobby. *dies*

These are in no particular order. It's the order that the blog put it in when I uploaded the icons, haha.
Starting from the top row and working our way down (left to right):
  • Volks SDGr Masamune Date
  • Volks SchA
  • Volks SD10 Michele
  • Volks YoSD Kanon
  • Volks YoSD Chika
  • Volks SD17 Genji Hikaru
  • Volks SD13 Tsuyoshi Maki
  • Volks SD13 Okita Souji
  • Volks SD13 Madoka
  • Volks YoSD Piccolo
  • Volks YoSD Ayumu  
I also have Unoa Lusis on my wishlist. There are so many, lol. But they all fit characters I have in my story. My problem is that I love creating characters. This is years worth of characters or at least main characters I have in mind. xD


  1. lol, the only doll I also had on my wishlist, I now own. XD (the ayumu)
    I'd love to see what you'd do with a Genji or a Masamune.

    I'm so glad my wishlist is rather small these days.

    1. Haha, this is actually a well needed cut down wishlist. Hard to believe there used to be more. xD

      I wish my tastes weren't so expensive, but I'm pretty determined to get at least half of what's on this list. xD

  2. That is a lot of volks there my friend XDDD
    I love school A - I think its quite possibly one of my most favorite sculpts ever.

    1. *sigh* Indeed it is. It's my favorite company. And of course that is unfortunate considering most of their dolls are limited, lol. I will try my best though! xD

      I love SchA! He's been on the list forever, lol, but I keep putting it off *dies*; But the first three on the list are probably the ones I want the most. Go figure they are some of the more expensive ones. xDDDD