Monday, March 5, 2012

Re-Ment ~ Rirakkuma Cafe Series

Last Friday, I went to Chiba City to deal with some visa stuff. While there, I decided to head to LOFT which usually had a nice selection of Re-Ment. Of course, I didn't leave empty-handed. xD

I love the new Cafe series for Rirakkuma, and when I saw the Re-Ment items out for that series, I just had to get something.

Here is what I got. I decided on getting two of the random boxes and then of course, I got the table and chairs.

The table and chairs are just adorable, and a good size for Yo-SD. At least, it makes a good kiddy table for them (it is a bit small but it still fits them pretty well). My boy is kindergartener so it will be his play table. ^_^

I'm very happy with the items that came in the random boxes as well. Here is Uzu modeling the table with all the goodies on it! I got the coffee set with the cafe menu sign as well as another coffee set that includes cream and sugar (and the little rirakkuma statue). One thing I love about Re-Ment is how detailed it can be. Although at the same time, the small pieces drive me nuts. I always get freaked out that I'll lose them. If you look at the little sugar jar in the photos, the top, jar and sugar crystals are all separate pieces. I dropped it when I was putting it down after taking photos, and I almost lost those little sugar balls. xD; The little coffee cups are super cute as well, and the coffee part comes out so you can switch what kind of coffee you have in each cup (it looks like plain black coffee and a coffee with cream with what is supposed to looks like coffee foam art of rirakkuma).

Anyway, I love the sets. I want to get a few more of the random boxes from this series to get the rest of the items!

Oh I forgot to mention, the table also came with little cardboard table covers/cloths so you can change the color and picture on the table top. There are three different options I believe. Sorry I don't have photos of that part.

So yay for Re-Ment! I have more of then in one of the cabinets in my apartment that I bought when I first moved. I need to take those out to put somewhere because I almost forgot about them. xD


  1. so much tiny cutes!!! CANNOT wait to get my Lati ;u;

  2. I love this so much ;A;
    I don't own any rement but I really feel like I need to - this set is ssoooo adorbs ;u;

    1. I have a few other Re-Ment sets which I mainly bought for cuteness factor. But now that I have a smaller doll to play with, I feel like it's worth buying more now (and not just because they are adorable). LOL, take all my moniez Re-Ment! *throws wallet at them*