Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I thought I would share a recent obsession of mine. When I say recent, I mean since I moved to Japan. That obsession is Arupakasso. They are cute alpaca plushies here in Japan. They were made for claw machines in arcades so they are pretty hard to find. But there are a couple shops here and there that will sell them. Although I waste a lot of money trying to get them out of claw machines too, lol. xD

I have three at the moment. You may have seen one in a previous post, but I'll post him here again~

This guy is Aiba (and there is Domo down in the corner, haha). He was my very first Arupakasso. I plan on getting the other pastel colored plain ones like him and naming them Ono, Sakurai, Ninomiya and MatsuJun.

Much like bjds, once you have one, you eventually want more. I have two other ones that I got recently. You can see photos of them below. The pink one is Cherry and the lavender one is Berry. I had to get the one with glasses because I love glasses, plus she has a cute little bow on her head. And the lavender one has a cute little strawberry decoration on her head. It was just too cute. Cute is the only way I can describe them, lol!

There will be more. I have no doubts about that. But they get a bit expensive whether you buy them from a shop or try your luck at the claw machines. No matter what, you're going to pay a pretty hefty chunk of change for each one. This is why I never have any money for my dolls. xP

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