Monday, May 7, 2012

More Attention

In order to give Saiya more attention, I've decided he gets the extra body for a while. So no Hime spam for a few months, unless I can somehow get the money in that time to get Hime his own body. xD

I always feel bad neglecting Saiya because I do love this sweetie to bits. Plus, he was my second doll ever. I have had thoughts about selling him because I never did anything with him, but I could never bring myself to do so. Instead, I'd rather spend more time on him to make him exactly the way I want him to be. He is almost there. He has the face-up, the wig, some clothes (although not enough, but then again, it's never enough for me, lol). All he needs are the right eyes and a body. He always got overshadowed by Kouhei and then Hime when I got him. And being one of my older dolls, there is no excuse for him to be unfinished still. I've had him for maybe four or five years now, and his progress has been so slow. o_o

Things need to change!

So here are some other photos that go along with my last post~ These are brand new photos I took of him over the weekend. ^_^

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